Delegates and Attendees

Meetings to discuss the possibility of creating an International Iyengar Yoga Association were held from Monday July 9th to Thursday July 12th, 2007, from 1:00 to3:30 pm. All certified teachers were invited to attend. The following individuals attended the meetings as representatives of their Countries and/or Associations:

Australia: Carole Hart; Belgium: Viviane Gutlerner*, Eva Rodenburg; Denmark: Maja Hoeks, Ulla Pedersen; France: Philippe Welter; French West Indies: Sylvie Terrée; Germany: Laurence O'Toole; Israel: Anat Zahor*; Italy: Daniela Manente; Mexico: Paul King; The Netherlands: Peter Foyer; New Zealand: Monica Haar, Matthew Smart, Delwyn Unkovich; South Africa: Dave Deacon*, Pat Deacon, Joyce Zouves Van Rensburg; Sweden: Leela Grethe Hansen; Thailand: Justin Herrold; United Arab Emirates: Djoeke M van der Werf; United Kingdom: Ros Bell, Louise Cartledge, Judith Richards, Andrew Roughton; United States of America: Marla Apt, Pat Musburger.

[* indicates an attendance as an individual guest and observer].

[17 countries, 27 delegates. (Delegates from Poland and Russia were at the last moment unable to attend. Brazil, Canada, Israel, Japan, and Spain declined to send delegates. No response received from Switzerland)]

Presenters and Attendees

The following attended the meetings as Senior Teachers

Australia: Alan Goode, John Leebold; France: Christian Pisano, June Whittaker-Pisano; Germany: Laurence O'Toole; Israel: Anat Zahor; The Netherlands: Agnes Mineur, Annemieke Post; New Zealand: Monica Haar; South Africa: Pat Deacon, Joyce Zouves Van Rensburg; United Kingdom: Ros Bell, Margaret Rawlinson, Cathy Rogers Evans, Judi Soffa, Maxine Tobias; United States of America: Ramanand Patel.

[9 countries, 17 Senior Teachers. (Names in italics indicate Senior Teachers who were also Delegates for their countries)].

Officiators / Facilitators of Meeting

Chair: Delwyn Unkovich

Secretary: Ulla Pedersen (assisted by Maja Hoeks)

Director-General: Kofi Busia


Discussion and voting centred around establishing the aims and purpose of the Association (see Mission Statement & Goals); accepting the Draft Constitution as a working document; rewording and approval of these objects (as also outlined in Chapter 1.5 of the Draft Constitution); and creating a Working Party to continue working on the Constitution; and approving a name: currently International Iyengar Yoga Association (IIYA).