To Whomsoever This May Concern,


I earlier issued an invitation to all pertinent parties to attend a set of meetings to complete formalities for the creation of a proposed International Iyengar Yoga Association (IIYA). Such meetings were also to be held in conjunction with the "Navayogimārga Yoga Festival". However, and as many of you may know, these plans were suddenly jeopardised by a bout of extensive ill-health. I am now in recovery, but, as often happens with others in such circumstances, I have reassessed my life priorities. As part of that process, I have decided to resign from all Iyengar Yoga teaching associations, effective immediately.

My devotion to my Beloved Guruji remains undimmed, and I shall certainly continue with my practice and my teachings. I just wish for a quiet life in which I can devote my mind, body and spirit to things important to me, and I have concluded that this is best done outside Iyengar Associations.

I thank you all.

In Guruji's Light,

Kofi Busia