Iyengar International

International Iyengar Yoga Association:
dedicated to the global propagation of Iyengar Yoga

Delegates and Attendees

Meetings to discuss the possibility of creating an International Iyengar Yoga Association were held from Monday July 9th to Thursday July 12th, 2007, from 1:00 to3:30 pm. All certified teachers were invited to attend. The following individuals attended the meetings as representatives of their Countries and/or Associations:

Australia: Carole Hart; Belgium: Viviane Gutlerner*, Eva Rodenburg; Denmark: Maja Hoeks, Ulla Pedersen; France: Philippe Welter; French West Indies: Sylvie Terrée; Germany: Laurence O'Toole; Israel: Anat Zahor*; Italy: Daniela Manente; Mexico: Paul King; The Netherlands: Peter Foyer; New Zealand: Monica Haar, Matthew Smart, Delwyn Unkovich; South Africa: Dave Deacon*, Pat Deacon, Joyce Zouves Van Rensburg; Sweden: Leela Grethe Hansen; Thailand: Justin Herrold; United Arab Emirates: Djoeke M van der Werf; United Kingdom: Ros Bell, Louise Cartledge, Judith Richards, Andrew Roughton; United States of America: Marla Apt, Pat Musburger.

[* indicates an attendance as an individual guest and observer].

[17 countries, 27 delegates. (Delegates from Poland and Russia were at the last moment unable to attend. Brazil, Canada, Israel, Japan, and Spain declined to send delegates. No response received from Switzerland)]

Presenters and Attendees

The following attended the meetings as Senior Teachers

Australia: Alan Goode, John Leebold; France: Christian Pisano, June Whittaker-Pisano; Germany: Laurence O'Toole; Israel: Anat Zahor; The Netherlands: Agnes Mineur, Annemieke Post; New Zealand: Monica Haar; South Africa: Pat Deacon, Joyce Zouves Van Rensburg; United Kingdom: Ros Bell, Margaret Rawlinson, Cathy Rogers Evans, Judi Soffa, Maxine Tobias; United States of America: Ramanand Patel.

[9 countries, 17 Senior Teachers. (Names in italics indicate Senior Teachers who were also Delegates for their countries)].

Officiators / Facilitators of Meeting

Chair: Delwyn Unkovich

Secretary: Ulla Pedersen (assisted by Maja Hoeks)

Director-General: Kofi Busia


Discussion and voting centred around establishing the aims and purpose of the Association (see Mission Statement and Goals); accepting the Draft Constitution as a working document; rewording and approval of the Objects (as outlined in Chapter 1.5 of the Draft Constitution); creating a Working Party to continue working on the Constitution; and approving a name: International Iyengar Yoga Association (IIYA). The UK will follow up with Guruji. The next meeting is to take place in 2009 in the UK.